Company Bios

Jenny Koppera

Jenny Anne Koppera

A Mover

Director.  Teacher.  Catalyst.  Believes the arts empower and connect.

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Kelly Joyce Fielder

Kelly Joyce Fielder

A Creator

Puppeteer.  Musician.  Visual Artist.  Sees possibility and innovation.


Tae Hoon Yoo a.k.a. Big Fire

An Artist

Singer. Mime. Digital Storyteller. Brings passion and beauty.


Kelly Joyce Fielder

Tyler Calhoun

A Connector

Actor. Colleague. Media Visionary. Supports and gathers community.

Jenny Koppera

Chenise Lockett

A Believer.

Dancer. Model. Collaborator.
Dreams life forward.

Jenny Koppera

Jedi Curva

A Visionary.

Guide. Interpreter. Performer.
Enriches with humanity and truth.

Vicki Morgan

An Actress

Performer. Captivator. Contributor. Engages with honesty and joy.

Matthew Webb

A Motivator

Mentor. Inspirer. Theatre Maker.
Focuses and elevates young artists.

Jenny Koppera

Emily Slomovits

A Musician

Poet. Listener. Spirit.
Weaves music and word.

Jenny Koppera

Emily Levickas

A Performer.

Teacher.  Listener.  Shaper.
Invites creativity with gentle welcoming.

Jenny Koppera

Catherine Fritz

A Healer.

Mover. Singer. Guardian.
Houses and shares beautiful energy.