The Big Idea.

Welcome to Spinning Dot Theatre.

Spinning Dot Theatre creates
innovative and exciting international plays
for kids and their families.
For everyone, really.

Global stories make the world feel bigger and smaller at the same time.
And our world needs that right now – especially young people.

Spinning Dot Theatre launched in August 2014 with the goal to make great global theatre to inspire and connect our audiences with the rest of the world.


Recently Spinning Dot Theatre was announced as AATE’s 2018 Outstanding New Children’s Theatre Company Award! For more info: check out the article on Broadway World!

And we’ve received a total of 3 Michigan Wilde Award Nominations in the past two years for our work on A Mouth With Flame and The Ogreling.


Since 2014 our Repertory Company, 
a group of talented and engaged professional theatre artists from SE Michigan,
has performed in many productions from around the world:

The Cat Who Ran from Japan in 2014

This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing from Australia in 2015

Only a Day from Germany in 2016

The Ogreling from Canada in 2017

The Mountain from Canada in 2018


Our Youth Company, 
a dynamic group of young artists between the ages of 8-14,
has created numerous international productions as well including:

The Bridge from Kosovo in 2015

Winner Takes All? from Denmark in 2016

The Boy at the Edge of Everything from Australia in 2017

The Witchin’ Well from Ireland in 2018


Our Teen Company,

A daring group of young adults between the ages of 12-16, has created award winning international productions including:

The Underground Library from South Africa in 2017

And … Then He Looked at Me from Latino Playwright Jose Casas in 2018


Our Unity Production,

A moment when all levels of our company – youth, teens and repertory members, come together to perform with community members, has been initiated to create dialogue around important social issues with productions including:

The Kids from Amandla Street from South Africa in 2018


Our Youth Programs,
International Summer Theatre camps
in collaboration with Ann Arbor Civic Theatre and Artistic School Residencies,
have focused on both international cultures and guest artists
as well as teaching the craft of theatre including acting, directing, and design.

Go! Camp in 2017-2018 (4 – 6 year olds)

Global Spark! Camps in 2014-2018 (2nd – 6th graders) 

G2T Camps (Global Teen Theatre Camps) 2015-2018 (7th – 12th graders) 

Summers Knoll School Theatre Residency 2018 (5th – 8th graders)


And lastly our Artist in Residency and Satellite programs, 
programs designed to support theatre artists in creating new plays,
have supported original productions including:

Sedna by Kelly Joyce Fielder in 2015

A Mouth With Flame by Tae Hoon Yoo in 2016

Ruff and Ruff Xmas by Kelly Joyce Fielder in 2016

The Kids from Amandla Street by Lereko Mfono in 2017-2018

I love Spinning Dot’s energy, their ideas, and how they work with kids. It’s physical…it’s just so much more than I could ever dream of and think of. Their level of theatre and experience is beyond exceptional!