Tae Hoon Yoo (aka Big Fire) is originally from Seoul, South Korea, and has a degree in Acting (B.F.A.) from Korean National University of Arts. While in Korea, he trained to be a mime, but after taking many voice lessons from Ralph Wells (baritone, LA Opera), he learned how to let his voice be heard in theatre. Influenced by Mary Overlie (Viewpoints) and Anna Deavere Smith (personal narrative) while he studied Performance Studies (M.A.) at NYU Tisch, he became even more interested in how to engage audiences through opera, cabaret, and narrative performance. 

Big Fire thought about going back to Korea before finding a path in Applied Drama/Theatre for the Young (M.F.A.) at Eastern Michigan University. He met Jenny there and has been creating theatre within many unique environments ever since. Within Spinning Dot Theatre, Big Fire, as an actor, is excited to be not just a presenter but also an author, a director, and a creator.

Big Fire is thrilled to be working with Spinning Dot Theatre as the 2015-2016 Artist in Residence this year and is curious about his and this company’s next artistic journeys. 

Spinning Dot is so honored to have had Big Fire create A Mouth With Flame during his Artist in Residency.  If you missed this amazing production in 2016, check back in 2017 for more dates.  Check out the fantastic review of his work. 

Big Fire astounds and inspires me. 

He is one of the most captivating performers and engaging collaborators that I have ever known.

Jenny Koppera