Spinning Dot Theatre creates
innovative and exciting international plays
for kids and their families.
For everyone, really.

Global stories make the world feel bigger and smaller at the same time.
And our world needs that right now – especially young people.

As a 501c3 Charitable Organization, your donation helps us continue to do our work. We’re so glad to have your support. Let’s ‘Spin the Dot’ together and see where in the world our productions will take us in 2017!

Spinning Dot Theatre launched in August 2014 with the goal to make great global theatre to inspire and connect our audiences with the rest of the world.

Since then our Repertory Company, 
a group of talented and engaged professional theatre artists from SE Michigan,
have performed in three productions from around the world:
The Cat Who Ran from Japan in 2014
This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing from Australia in 2015

Only a Day from Germany in 2016

Our Youth Company and Teen Apprenticeship Program, 
a dynamic group of young artists between the ages of 8-18,
has created numerous international productions as well including:
The Bridge from Kosovo in 2015
Winner Takes All? From Denmark in 2016

Our Youth Programs,
International Summer Theatre camps and workshops
in collaboration with Ann Arbor Civic Theatre,
have focused on both international cultures and guest artists
as well as teaching the craft of theatre including acting, directing, and design.
Global Spark! Camps in 2014-2016
G2T Camps (Global Teen Theatre Camps) 2015-2016 

And lastly our Artist in Residency program, 
a program designed to support a theatre artist in creating a new play,
has created new productions including:
Sedna by Kelly Joyce Fielder in 2015 and Ruff and A Very Ruff Christmas in 2016
A Mouth With Flame by Tae Hoon Yoo in 2016


We have exciting plans for 2017!  Please help us to make them a reality and bring exciting and engaging theatre art to young people and their families in Michigan and beyond!


Example Donations help to support the following!

$25 = Youth Company Creative supplies
$50 = Repertory Company production Props and Costumes
$125 = A Touring Performance of Ruff for babies and toddlers
$200 = 4 Touring Performances of A Mouth With Flame
$300 = Support of Big Fire’s Artist-in-Residency
$500 = 2 Touring Repertory Performances of Only A Day


Prefer to mail a check?  Spinning Dot Theatre, 614 Second Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Thank you so much for your interest and support of Spinning Dot Theatre!

Let’s “Spin the Dot’ together and see where in the world our productions will take us in 2017!

Changing The World – One Play At A Time.