An absolutely overwhelming experience to say the least. Working with this group of creative young artists has been a continuous dream brought into reality. As a trained/training actor, I always find it useful to make every experience a learning and growing experience. Having the opportunity to direct such a wonderful group of artists creates such a powerful dynamic in our relationship; it is often through their learning that I learn more. Every Friday morning, I wake up knowing that my day is going to be filled with adventures into unknown worlds, smiles and positive energies, and most of all, a desire to make something from scratch to present to the world.

I think that one thing I love most about this group is that they are constantly spewing out ideas. Working with children has always been a great joy of mine simply because they aren’t afraid of failure. The ideas that they have for projects would probably never cross the minds of some adult companies that I’ve worked with. I love that. Their inability/unwillingness to be pessimistic lends itself to a rehearsal space that is always moving and always generating.

Being signed onto the Spinning Dot faculty was, admittedly, a bit scary at first. I felt nerves simply because I didn’t know the kids and didn’t know how they’d respond to my direction, my ideas, and most of all my energy. Those thoughts would soon escape my mind, however, when I walked in on my first day and just presented myself as who I am: one big kid with an overwhelming amount of energy and fun! They received it well and I knew from that point on that it would be a great time working with them every week. IMG_5576

There has been a great amount of support from Jenny and the parents and that only makes my “job” so much easier. I love that Spinning Dot is one huge family that aims to include everyone no matter what level they are at. Environments like this make me want to stick around for a long time.

Seeing the preview of Junkanoo 2 was quite the experience! These young artists have grown immeasurably and continue to show growth with their overflowing ideas, support for one another, and ability to take direction and learn from mistakes. The wait to work on our next production (Winner Takes All) is almost over and I am ready see where they decide to take it. I could not ask for a better team to work for, and on.

I am more than excited to continue my work with Spinning Dot Youth Co. I hope to only bring more fun, smiles, and good vibes to what is already a wonderful company and family.

Thank you all for being great,

Matthew Webb
Assistant Director
Spinning Dot Youth Co.