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As we work on updating our website during the Spring of 2019, please be sure to check our A2Tix Site and our social media sites to stay up to date on our local performances! Contact us via our Contact page if you have any questions!!! Links to our sites are included below!

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Imaginimals in A2 on April 7th!

An Orignal Production created for 0-5 Year Olds and their Families! 

In 2019, a new project will be ‘Spinning Off’ of Spinning Dot Theatre – a whole new season of shows for small folks, 0-5 years old, and their families!

These small form productions make theatre comfortable and fun for families with pre-show and post-show activities, flexible seating and short running times. 

Imaginimals creatively explores shapes, music and animals through play and wonder! This performance engages audiences of all ages and leaves them ready to continue playing and exploring all the way home!

Parents are saying:

“I thought my 3 year old would only sit still for the first 5 minutes, but he was enthralled the whole time!”,

“So much fun!”, and

“We’ll definitely be back for the next one!”

Recommended Donations are $5 for children and $10 for adults.  

Youth and Teen Performances!

May 3rd -5th 

More Information Coming Soon! 

The Newman Studio – Walgreen Theatre Building – North Campus University of Michigan  



Upcoming Performance for 0-5 Year Olds and their Families!

Preview on 4/18 at the Riverside Arts Center – 10am

More information: Here!