Adapted and directed by Kelly Joyce Fielder, Spinning Dot Theatre Artist in Residence, Sedna is an Inuit tale brought to life – all within the magic of a pillow fort.  Storytelling and puppetry unite – bringing to life the ancient tale of the goddess of the sea and creating a thoroughly unique theatre experience. Join us within the pillow fort and underneath the stars to hear the intriguing tale of Sedna.

There are times when you experience something so magical, so brilliant, so lovely you can hardly give it adequate justice in a description.  The Lower School was honored with such an experience… It was magical because the set design, scenery and music alone transformed you into another place and time within moments.

Val, Teacher

Pointless Brewery & Theatre
Saturday, January 16, 2016
10:30am – limited seating – 20 minute performance

Space is limited.  Approximately 20 minutes.
$10 Adults / $5 Children

Interested in booking a touring production of Sedna?  Contact Jenny Koppera at!