What People Are Saying

There are times when you experience something so magical, so brilliant, so lovely you can hardly give it adequate justice in a description.  The Lower School was honored with such an experience at various times today.  It was magical— the set design, scenery and music alone transformed you into another place and time within moments.


Third Grade Teacher

I’ve been doing, seeing, and producing children’s theatre for years. So, the first time I attended a Spinning Dot Theatre show, I expected the usual fare – bright colors, peppy music, lots of falling down silliness – you know the drill.  What I saw threw me for a loop, knocked me back, and took me down a peg, all at once. This was crazily inventive, beautifully adapted, serious, moody theatre. Not only did my 5 year old sit rapt for the entire 45- minutes, so did I – it was pure magic. If you enjoy theatre that is fresh, innovative, emotive, thoughtful, and totally present – do yourself a favor and come see these shows. Oh – and bring your kids – they’ll love them too!

Carla Milarch

Artistic Director, Theatre Nova

The Cat Who Ran was an utter delight, and a surprise. I found myself transfixed—suspended in a giddy state of awe. It was an astounding performance that worked on so many levels: at the same time as my three year old was enjoying it, it resonated with my adult concerns of love and loss, family and friendship , growth and transformation. I wept! My friend did too. Art can grow our hearts and connect us in vital ways— Spinning Dot shows me that over and over. I am a superfan. How lucky we are to have them as part of our community!

Linette Lao


With shadows and projections on the white fabric, haunting music, puppets and inventive lighting, Sedna enveloped the children on all sides and held them absolutely spellbound. You may have already seen (Summers-Knoll teachers) Val’s and Elaine’s blog posts on the subject. The artistic seeds planted through an experience like that are incalculable.

Joanna Hastings

Head of School, Summers-Knoll