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“What I saw threw me for a loop, knocked me back, and took me down a peg, all at once. This was crazily inventive, beautifully adapted, serious, moody theatre. Not only did my 5 year old sit rapt for the entire 45 minutes, so did I —it was pure magic.”

and … then he looked at me

and … then he looked at me

and … then he looked at me is a poignant look at the impact of bullying and gun violence on our young people today.  Written by Jose Casas, it recounts a true story in artistic form based on an event from a middle school in the US.  The play presents the situation from a multitude of vantage points and reveals the two sides, the two Jeremy’s, without qualifying one as good or bad.  This production of and … then he looked at me is a collaboration between Neutral Zone and Spinning Dot Theatre teens with the support of MCACA and The Arts Alliance.

The play itself is 30 minutes in length and will be followed by a post show experience lead by the Neutral Zone SEED teens to engage the audience and to increase awareness and dialogue between young people and community members in attendance at the performances.


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