“What I saw threw me for a loop, knocked me back, and took me down a peg, all at once. This was crazily inventive, beautifully adapted, serious, moody theatre. Not only did my 5 year old sit rapt for the entire 45 minutes, so did I —it was pure magic.”
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The Boy at the Edge of Everything

Next weekend! Our Youth Company and Apprentice Double Feature!

For our First Act: The Boy at the Edge of Everything by Finegan Kruckemeyer!

The Underground Library

And for our Second Act: The Underground Library from S. African Playwright Jon Keevy!


Spinning Dot is thrilled to offer Winter Global Spark Camps throughout the beginning of 2017 in conjunction with Ann Arbor Civic Theatre!   For more information and to register: http://www.a2ct.org/junior-theatre/winter-break-camp-2017