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Changing the World through Theatre – One Play at a Time!
AATE’s 2018 Outstanding New Children’s Theatre Company!

“What I saw threw me for a loop, knocked me back, and took me down a peg, all at once. This was crazily inventive, beautifully adapted, serious, moody theatre. Not only did my 5 year old sit rapt for the entire 45 minutes, so did I —it was pure magic.”

summer camps

Check out our Summer Camps for 2020!

Spinning Dot Theatre is excited to bring you interdisciplinary and interactive theatre camps! In collaboration with Ann Arbor Civic Theatre, our camps combine theater arts, movement, music and visual arts as well as fun language skills in multiple foreign languages. The culmination of the camp is a performance crafted from top to bottom by the young people – thus providing them learning experiences in not only acting but choreography, directing, costumes, lighting, set design, producing, etc.

 More info and to reserve your spot: Click Here!