Welcome to Spinning Dot Theatre!

What’s up with our name – Spinning Dot Theatre?

It’s based on the idea of the pale blue dot – our planet earth – from astronomer Carl Sagan.  Everything we know and love is from this one pale blue dot out in space.  We’re all on it together – spinning as we go, and it’s up to us to appreciate it and understand how precious this dot and our connections around the globe truly are.

What do we do as Spinning Dot Theatre?

We have lots of projects! We have empowering youth theatre camps, classes, and companies. We have an amazing Repertory company of actors that performs global plays for families. We even have baby theatre – theatre that is aimed at 0-5 year olds!  And in programs like our Artist in Residency Program, we reach out and support local and global artists to develop, share, and perform their work.

What makes us unique?

All of our work is focused on cultivating global theatre. Since our inception in 2014, we have performed over 20 international plays from over 10 countries.   Just last year in 2020, our youth and resident artists connected with over 15 international artists from around the world!  Over the years, we have helped to devise and create many new plays inspired by and based on our global connections. The plays we share and stories we tell are new to our community and provide our youth and audiences with a depth of work rare in our field.

What are our hopes and dreams at Spinning Dot Theatre?

We are a small company that gets to really focus on the work that we love.

We strive to welcome our youth, artists, and audiences into our company family, and then together we explore and dialogue around our plays and creative work.

For Spinning Dot Theatre, telling these global stories gives us hope. It puts creative power in the hands of young people to see the world and change it for the better.

At the end of the day, our company is all about:

Changing the World – One Play at a Time.

Spinning Dot Theatre was announced as AATE’s 2018 Outstanding New Children’s Theatre Company Award! For more info: check out the article on Broadway World! 

And we’ve received a total of 3 Michigan Wilde Award Nominations in the past two years for our work on A Mouth With Flame and The Ogreling.