Global stories make the world feel bigger and smaller at the same time.

And our world needs that right now – especially young people.

Spinning Dot Theatre launched in August 2014 with the goal to make great global theatre to inspire and connect our audiences with the rest of the world.

Amaruq’s Journey

Taking place during sunset around a glowing outdoor igloo, this is a beautiful original family play about rekindling our light and finding our way. December 18th at Wurster Park, Ann Arbor.


Should we accept all sides of ourselves, or try to hold them in? What happens when it’s hard to control your different sides?
December 10th at The 109 Cultural Exchange, Saline.

“This was crazily inventive, beautifully adapted, serious, moody theatre…it was pure magic.”

Carla Milarch

Artistic Director, Theatre Nova

Spinning Dot Youth Company


A daring and dynamic group of young artists who create, dissect, and perform international theatrical works.

Spinning Dot Repertory Company


A group of talented and engaged professional theatre artists, the Repertory Company has performed in many productions from around the world.

Theatre for Babies


Theatre for the Very Young is aimed at young people from 0-5 years old and their families! These small form shows allow little ones to engage with theatre in safe and exciting ways!